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Anglo Medical Scheme is a restricted medical scheme; it offers membership exclusively to employees of participating employers.

If you are in the process of taking up employment with one of our participating employers, you might have questions about your new medical scheme.

This page is dedicated to new members and provides information you need to know before and while becoming a member.

Plan comparison

Which plan should I choose and what are the benefits?

The decision which medical aid plan to choose is often influenced by affordability, but it is equally important to consider if the plan offers the right benefits for your medical needs.

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Member application process

You need to complete the application form to activate your membership or to add dependants and send it to your HR manager.

Your HR manager or payroll consultant will then process your application with our administrator.

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My dependants

Apply for the registration of your dependants at the time that you apply for membership.

Register a newborn baby or newly adopted child as your child dependant within 30 days of the date of birth or adoption of the child

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Pro-rating of benefits

Pro-rating of benefits for members joining after 1 January

Should a member join the Scheme after 1 January, the Scheme will pro-rate all benefits with annual limits and the annual savings allocation for Managed Care Plan members.


Depending on your previous medical scheme history, a scheme can apply 'underwriting' on a new membership. This means that, according to regulation (Medical Schemes Act), schemes are allowed to impose a three-month general waiting period and/or a twelve-month waiting period on an existing condition.

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How does my Scheme work

Medical schemes in South Africa are not-for-profit organisations. The contributions are collected and pooled for the benefit of the members and used to reimburse all relevant medical services purchased by members and to pay administration costs. Any surplus made, remains in the Scheme. No profit will be distributed.

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Which other products are available from the Scheme's administrator?

As a member of Anglo Medical Scheme you are able to access certain products offered by our administrator, Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd. These products are not part of Anglo Medical Scheme. Participation or non-participation does not impact or influence Scheme benefits.

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Where do I get additional information and help?

At Anglo Medical Scheme, we strive to offer your outstanding service and made the following services available to you:

Member login self-administration tool

Manage your membership information and plan anywhere, anytime

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Information sources and Scheme communication

Email correspondence

Please provide us with your (and your adult dependants) email address and let us know when it changes. We will send you your membership certificate, your statements, daily claims notifications, your tax certificate or other useful information but won't spam your inbox with unnecessary emails.


Need help on the go? Our chatbot is available on WhatsApp 24/7 to help you with all your product and benefit questions. Just add our number 011 292 and ask your question on WhatsApp


We publish a monthly newsletter with Scheme and health topics and send it to you to by email or post, depending on your communication preferences.

Year-end presentations

We urge you to attend the year-end presentations where your CLO presents the changes for the following year. Not only will you learn about new changes, but this presentation is always a good reminder about important Scheme information.


Participate in our Annual General Meeting every year in May. Meet your Trustees, inform yourself about our Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and how the Scheme performed in the year under review and about future Scheme plans. We will send you a notice and agenda, as well as the AFS ahead of the AGM.

Anglo Medical Scheme app

The Anglo Medical Scheme Apps offer you convenient access to information about your membership, plan and benefits - anywhere, anytime. Read more about our apps here

Scheme Glossary

If you don't understand our scheme lingo, visit the Glossary.

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