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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year to inform members of the Scheme's previous year's financial performance and future activities that may materially impact the functioning of the Scheme. It is an opportunity for members to receive copies of the Scheme's accounts and ask any questions regarding the direction the business will take in the future.

During the meeting the Board of Trustees present information such as the Annual Financial Statements, Report of the Board of Trustees and Auditor's Report to the members.

The members have the right to attend, speak and vote. Every year members elect the Disputes Committee at the AGM and approve the Auditor for the ensuing year.

A minimum of thirty members must be present to constitute a quorum. Notice will be given in time, providing the members with financial information well in advance. The AGM takes place in the first half of each calendar year and all members are invited to actively participate in their Scheme by voicing their views, voting and presenting their motions.

Our fifty-fifth Annual General Meeting took place on 22 May 2024. We will report back on the AGM in the June MediBrief.

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