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My dependants

Who qualifies as my dependant?

  • A spouse or partner, where the relationship between the member and the member’s partner is like a marriage
  • A natural child, step-child or legally adopted child would be registered as a child dependant, if the child is under 23 years of age and reliant on the parent for support;
  • An immediate family blood relative, such as a brother or sister or parent. If you are solely responsible for the family care and financial support of that person, you may apply to have that person registered as a dependant.

Second degree family members
Nephews or nieces, uncles or aunts, grandchildren or grandparents would not be considered eligible for membership and cannot join the Scheme.

Children of dependants
If you have already registered a child as a dependant (under 23 years) and that dependant has a child of his or her own, the grandchild can only join the Scheme on the following basis:

If the dependant is dependent on you, the main member, for care and support, you can apply for membership or you legally adopt him or her, in which case the grandchild may be registered as a dependant. This is done by special application to the Management Committee.

How long can a child stay a dependant on a membership?
A child can be a 'child dependant' on the Scheme if he/she is twenty-three years of age or younger, on 1 January of the relevant year and still financially dependent on you, the Main Member, for care and support.

The Scheme will advise you in writing (upon the dependant's 23rd birthday) that an adult contribution rate will be applied in the following financial year.

Please consider other options for your dependant's medical aid cover if his/her 24th birthday is imminent.
Ask your HR manager or payroll consultant if there is a specific subsidy for adult dependants.

Dependants above the age of 24
If you can prove that the dependant is reliant on you for family care and support, the dependant can be on your membership, but at the adult contribution rate.

According to the Rules, the following exceptions would still allow for a child to stay on Anglo Medical Scheme as an adult dependant:

Eligibility requirements (applicable to dependants above the age of 24)

Membership status

Full-time student

Qualifies to remain on the Scheme as an adult dependant at adult contribution rates.

Permanently disabled

Qualfies to remain on the Scheme as an adult dependant with a special application and consideration by the Board to remain on the Scheme as a child dependant at the child dependant rate for as long as the membership remains active.

Earns R0 to R6 583.33 a month according to the tax threshold of a person younger than 65, or is a part-time student

Qualifies to remain on the Scheme as an adult dependant, but will have to pay contributions at the adult contribution rate.

When can/must I add a dependant?

  • Apply for the registration of your dependants at the time that you apply for membership.
  • Children: Register a new born baby, or a newly adopted child as your child dependant within 30 days of the date of birth or adoption of the child.
  • New spouse: If you marry subsequent to joining the Scheme you must register your new spouse as an adult dependant within 30 days of the date of marriage to avoid underwriting.
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