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Anglo Medical Scheme offers membership "by appointment only", exclusively to employees of participating employers.

To join the Scheme or to make changes to your dependants please contact your Human Resources department or Pension Office.

If you are about to start employment with one of our participating employers please visit the new members section for more information.

Designed for its unique membership, the Scheme offers three medical plans to fund members' healthcare needs:

In this section we would like to offer you a glance behind the scene

Who is managing your Scheme on a day-to-day basis, who is accountable to whom, who are our partners in the delivery of healthcare and the management of the Scheme, how is the industry regulated and more.

You, the members own the Scheme. Do you know enough about it?

Any further questions? Please phone the Call Centre on 0860 222 633, Whatsapp us on 011 292 8797 or email us here.

How does my Scheme work?

Medical schemes in South Africa are not-for-profit organisations. The contributions are collected and pooled for the benefit of the members and used to reimburse all relevant medical services purchased by members and to pay administration costs. Any surplus made remains in the Scheme. No profit will be distributed.

Who owns my Scheme?

A medical scheme works like a trust fund and, by law, belongs to its members

Day-to-day Operations

Some medical schemes are self-administered, while some appoint an external medical scheme administrator to collect contributions, pay claims to members, doctors and other registered service providers on behalf of the Scheme and to keep all data up to date.

Anglo Medical Scheme appointed Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd. as the Administrator for the Standard Care Plan and Managed Care Plan. Our Value Care Plan members receive healthcare services through Prime Cure's network providers.

The Trustees are accountable to the members regarding any aspect of the management of the business of the Scheme. The Principal Officer is accountable to the Board of Trustees for the day-to-day management of the Scheme.

To contact our administrator, phone the Call Centre on:

Standard Care Plan:
0860 222 633
Managed Care Plan:
0860 222 633
Value Care Plan:
0861 665 665

Participating Employers

Anglo Medical Scheme is a restricted scheme for employees of participating employer groups
The Anglo American Corporation Medical Scheme was first registered as a restricted scheme in 1968, and in 2005 the name was changed to Anglo Medical Scheme. It was established for the benefit of employees of Anglo American and its associated businesses in South Africa.

At this stage companies such as African Realty Trust, Boart Longyear, Boschedal, De Beers, JCI, Mondi, Namakwa Sands and Vereeniging Refractories, to mention a few, were all owned by Anglo American. In some instances, companies have since been sold and others have changed their names. For example, Mondi Packaging is now Mpact Limited.

Participating employer:

  • A company incorporated and registered in terms of the laws of South African ("South African company"), which is either a subsidiary or an associated company of AASA (Anglo American South Africa); or
  • Any South African company which is recognised by the Board as a participating employer, and which has contracted with the Scheme for the admission of its employees and/or retirees and/or registered dependants of its deceased employees or retirees, as members of the Scheme..."

Source: Anglo Medical Scheme Rules

List of participating employers

Anglo Medical Scheme offers membership for active and/or retired employees of the following participating employers:

Anglo Operations Limited

  • Anglo Base Metals
  • Anglo Coal
  • Anglo Corporate Division
  • Anglo Research
  • Ferrous Metals and Industries, excluding Kumba
  • Pensioners, including pensioners of Scaw Metals, CWI, Boart Longyear, De Beers and JCI

Mary Oppenheimer Daughters Oppenheimer Generations Mondi Limited

  • Merebank Mill
  • Richards Bay Mill
  • Mondi Forests
  • Mondi Corporate Office
  • SiyaQhubeka Forests
  • Pensioners

Mpact Limited

  • Packaging & Industrial Paper
  • Mondipak Corrugated
  • Mondipak Plastics
  • Recycling
  • Paperlink
  • Pensioners
  • Polymers
  • Plastic Containers
  • Mpact Head Office and executives

NTE Company (Proprietary) Limited
Vergelegen Wines (Proprietary) Limited

Our Partners

Discovery Health - Our administrator for the Standard Care Plan and Managed Care Plan

Anglo Medical Scheme is administered by Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd. Discovery Health is part of the Discovery Group, which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Prime Cure - Our healthcare service provider for Value Care Plan

Prime Cure Health is an Accredited Managed Care Organisation, offering healthcare services through Prime Cure's medical centres as well as a large national network. Prime Cure has existing relationships with more than 10 000 healthcare service providers including general practitioners, dentists, optometrists, specialists, pharmacies and private hospitals.

Netcare 911 - Our Designated Service Provider for emergency ambulance services and evacuation

Netcare 911 provides emergency services to patients in medical emergency situations. This includes fully integrated, world-class emergency medical assistance via ambulance, evacuation by road or air and telephonic medical advisory services.

MediKredit - Our medicine management partner

MediKredit - is a privately held information technology company with a footprint in healthcare as far back as 1941. MediKredit offers software applications and processing services enabling on-line real-time ('OLRT') claims adjudication and processing of medical claims for healthcare providers to allow patients and healthcare providers to have immediate and accurate information on the financial and clinical impacts of, and payment responsibilities for services and products provided by healthcare providers.

Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology - Our Diabetes management partner

CDE, the Centre of Diabetes and Endocrinology, is our designated service provider for the management of diabetes. Members with diabetes are able to receive all services for diabetes at no additional cost after registering with CDE.

PwC - Our registered auditor

PwC is a network of firms in 157 countries delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services. In South Africa PwC has a dedicated Medical Schemes Industry group with extensive experience in providing services to both medical schemes and administrators. These services include audit, internal audit, and consulting services. PwC established a considerable skills base, with an in-depth knowledge of the functions and operations within the Medical Schemes Industry.

3ONE - Our actuaries

3ONE Consulting Actuaries has recently been contracted to provide the Scheme with actuarial services in respect of the long-term funding valuations, market comparisons and Scheme competitiveness and general actuarial consulting services. 3ONE Consulting Actuaries is familiar with Anglo Medical Scheme and its participating employers and has delivered niche strategic consulting services to numerous medical schemes and health insurers across Southern Africa. 3ONE is supported by class-leading intellectual property, advanced data analysis and technology platforms, including models, technical capabilities, and analytical techniques to deliver both bigger picture strategic and operational advice, with sound actuarial analysis to its clients.

Willis Towers Watson - Our Investment management partner

Willis Towers Watson is a global professional services company that helps organisations to improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. Willis Towers Watson has been contracted by the Scheme to advice on the investment strategy and portfolio structure to ensure the Scheme's investment objectives are met.

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