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Your membership legacy

Joining AMS as an employee

Anglo Medical Scheme is a restricted Scheme. This means that membership is offered ‘by appointment only’, exclusively to employees of our participating employers. Joining the Scheme, or adding dependants, can only be done through your HR department while you are employed. Should you leave the employment of one of our participating employers, your membership will be terminated.

Staying on the Scheme as a retiree

If you retire from one of our participating employers, you can remain on the Scheme. Your employer will facilitate the transfer to pensioner status and will advise the medical aid of your contribution requirements. Should you need to pay a portion or the full amount of your contributions, you will have to complete the (include the form and link) and submit to your employer to action.

Should you decide to terminate your members once your status has changed to a pensioner member, you will not be allowed to become a member of the Scheme again. The criteria for membership is via a participating employer.

Leaving your membership as your legacy

When you, as the main member die, the dependants registered on your membership at that time, are eligible for continuation of membership. The Scheme will inform the spouse or partner (or oldest child if they have been orphaned) of his/her right to membership and of the contributions payable. Unless the registered dependant informs the Scheme otherwise in writing, the membership will automatically be transferred.

The above explanation touched briefly on your status as main member. If you would like to find out when and for how long you can add dependants to your membership, search for ‘dependants’ on the Scheme website, find articles on www.angloms.co.za > InfoCentre > Knowledge Library, speak to your Client Liaison Officer, or call us on 0860 222 633.

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