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Anglo Medical Scheme offers Standard Care Plan members a maternity management programme with additional benefits. Qualified professionals will assist you through your pregnancy and confinement.

Registration on the maternity management programme is compulsory to ensure payment from the correct benefit.

You need to register between weeks 12 and 20 of the pregnancy, please phone 0860 222 633.

Consultations and ultrasound scans
The maternity benefit includes 8 consultations and 2 ultrasound scans (2D) per pregnancy.

You can deliver your baby in a network hospital or, if preferred, in a low-risk maternity unit provided by a registered midwife. A co-payment of R3 200 applies for voluntary admissions to a non-network facility. No co-payment applies in case of a medical emergency (where the life of a patient is at risk). Call us on 0860 222 633 for authorisation prior to delivery.

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