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Your AMS tax certificate

When the 2019 tax season opens, most likely on 1 June 2019, you may need to submit your income tax return to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). For your annual tax return you will also need your medical scheme tax certificate.

How do you receive your AMS tax certificate?

We will dispatch the full tax certificate (tax certificate and claims detail if applicable) in June. You will receive it via the same communication channel as you get your statements. If you chose to receive email from us we will email it to you, if you chose post as preferred distribution, you will receive it this way. If you have not received your tax certificate by the beginning of June, please call the call centre to verify your personal details and address.

Your tax certificate will also be available from the call centre and can be downloaded through the year in the member log in on the Scheme website (Log in > Find a document > Tax certificate).
In October, before the tax season closes, we will send you a reminder (tax summary only) if you subscribed to email correspondence.

Your tax certificate explained
"Your Contributions from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019" shows Scheme contributions for this tax period only. Any backdated changes that apply to this tax period but will be made after this certificate was created, will be shown on the tax certificate for the next tax period. If you get an IRP5 from your employer, you must rather refer to the contribution amount on the IRP5 when filling in your tax return. If you are a pensioner receiving post-retirement benefits, the IT3(a) will show this.

“Claims not recovered from the Scheme” refers to claims, processed up to the 29 of February, that your plan did not cover; this could be claims that exceeded your available benefits or where you paid a co-payment. Always remember to submit all claims to your Scheme, whether you still have benefits or not, for these expenses to be listed on your tax certificate which could result in a possible tax refund.

“Total number of members active on the Scheme each month”
The active beneficiaries on your membership are listed on your tax certificate for each month as you will need to submit this information in your tax return.

How do I print an authorised copy of my certificate?
Your tax certificate should be printed with an ‘authorised copy’ watermark. If it doesn’t, change your printer settings to print background colours and graphics.

More FAQs regarding your AMS tax certificate will be sent to you with the tax certificate, are available in the member log in or from the Call Centre.

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