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Welcome to your new Board of Trustees!

We are pleased to see our members’ continuous interest in shaping the Scheme’s future by taking part in the democratic process of voting for their member-elected Trustees. Thank you very much to all members who voted and who made themselves available as candidates.

Nomination phase

We noticed an increased number of nominations and candidates from all participating employers, regions and age groups. To the candidates that didn’t make it this time: please stay in touch, keep on participating in your Scheme and stand again in the next election!


We are pleased to report back that the elections went smoothly, and we believe they were free and fair in all respects. We received 196 votes via email, 175 votes via fax, 1 vote via SMS, 40 votes via telephone and 2158 votes via the online election tool.

The new Anglo Medical Scheme Board of Trustees

Our Board consists of six member-elected and six employer appointed Trustees. We appreciate that our participating employers continue to make their highly skilled employees available to serve on the Board.

Member-elected Trustees

David Abramowitz, Gauteng
Colleen Elliott, Gauteng
Dr Frank Fox, Gauteng
Nicholas Mason-Gordon, Gauteng
Duncan McCallum, Western Cape
Philile Mhlongo, Gauteng

Employer-appointed Trustees

Joe Coetzer, KwaZulu-Natal
James Liston, Gauteng
Nare Mamabolo, Gauteng
Raynagan Moodley, KwaZulu-Natal
Hugh Thompson, Gauteng
Bridget van der Bijl, Gauteng

Alternate Trustees

Mary Farrell, member-elected, Gauteng
Sharon Hosking, member-elected, Western Cape
Ntokozo Ragolane, member-elected, KwaZulu-Natal
Kayroon Ameer, employer-appointed, Gauteng
Tsitsi Matemera, employer-appointed, Gauteng

We will introduce the new Trustees on the Board to you in MediBrief during the course of next year.

Chairman and Vice-Chairman

The newly elected Board re-elected its Chairman, Colleen Elliott, and its Vice-Chairman, Duncan McCallum, on 20 November 2019.

To our newly elected and re-elected trustees: congratulations – we wish all our new Trustees a successful term as you serve our members and ensure the continuous success of the Scheme.

Fiona Robertson
Principal Officer

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