Have you noticed that we have re-designed our website?

We kept it looking similar to the old website so that everybody will still recognise it and feel ‘at home’, but we added more content and functionality and made sure that our website follows global ‘best practice web standards’ to offer you as much information, in the most accessible way, as possible.

New Fuctionality

Easier Navigation

The entire navigation is now in one place. If you click on any of the navigation items in the header section, the relevant sub-topics will drop down. For example, click on ‘My Scheme’ and find all other menu items about our Scheme and industry in the drop down menu.


If you don’t know where to even start looking for information, try out the search function in the top right corner. Click on the magnifying glass and enter a search word, such as ‘forms’, ‘contact details’ or ‘authorisation’. You will then be shown all articles on the website that are related to the relevant topic.

Mobile friendly

Did you know that 75% of web traffic in South Africa is generated on mobile devices? Not all of our members have a computer with internet at home, so we needed to ensure that our website works on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.


We have moved to an improved security system to keep up with the latest security technology to ensure our data and information is protected.

Latest web technology

We are now using a web platform that will enable us to add new functionality and content with less effort, so we can keep up with our members’ digital requirements.

Member log in

Log in and check if all your personal information and contact details are still up to date so you don’t miss out on important Scheme information.

If you haven’t registered for the member area yet, we would like to encourage you to do so. Click on ‘REGISTER’ in the top right corner and follow the prompts. Five easy steps later you will be able to:

  • check and update your contact details

  • upload and track your claims

  • check your Medical Savings Account (Managed Care Plan only)

  • download your tax certificate, membership certificate and membership forms

  • see all interactions you have had with the Scheme

  • check your available benefits

  • search for healthcare providers and more

Accessing the member area is now easier on a mobile device – give it a try!

New content

The website is now the most comprehensive source of Scheme information.

More information about your plan and benefits

If you visit your plan page you will see that the overview page provides you with general information, such as what the plan is about, contributions, benefit structure, information on the authorisation process and how to claim. It now also has a whole range of ‘benefit blocks’ with detailed information about the most frequently used benefits, including the current values of the annual benefit limits, should they apply. This means, that you can now access all your benefit information on your mobile phone, which is most likely always with you.

In the same section (plans & products) you can now also find a plan comparison to better understand how the plans differ from each other, as well as a contribution calculator.

New members - all you need to know

We created an entire section for new members, mainly (potential) new employees at our participating employers, with information relevant to members joining the Scheme. This section is hosted in the Info Centre.

Membership forms and documents

These forms were on the website before. This is just a reminder that you can download the most frequently needed forms from the Info Centre > Find forms and documents.

Please share your feedback

Our work won’t stop here. Any website is constant ‘work in progress’ and we already have a whole list of new content and functionality that we still want to add.

What do you expect from your Scheme’s website? How are you using it? Please email any feedback to the Scheme

Communication Manager.

Did you know?

Whether you are in the public space (logged out) or in the member area (logged in) – you can always click on the AMS logo to get back to the ‘home page’ of that section.


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