We can help you spend less on medicine

Keep your cell phone on hand when you are at the pharmacy! The moment your pharmacist submits your medicine claim electronically, our real-time Medicine Management system checks if there’s a cheaper alternative for you

The Scheme introduced this process at the beginning of the year. You will receive an SMS while you stand at the pharmacy counter, informing you of a less expensive alternative generic, if available, to help you reduce or avoid a co-payment. Between January and August, nearly half of our members who received this SMS, benefitted from reduced out-of-pocket medicine costs. These members saved a total of over R230 000. This saving is not achieved for the Scheme – these are out-of-pocket co-payments that these members would have paid. If you would also like to have the option to reduce your co-payments, please ensure that we have your current cell number on hand for you to receive the SMS.

Update your cell phone number in the member area on www.angloms.co.za, email it to member@angloms.co.za or call us on 0860 222 633. Please also provide us with your beneficiaries’ cell phone numbers, as POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) might not allow us to send the SMS to you if the medicine is for your dependent.

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