Medical Savings Account

The annual Medical Savings Account (MSA) allocation is made available to you in January (in advance for the year) and offers the flexibility to pay for a set list of procedures, medicine, services, etc. Any unspent savings belong to the member and roll over to the next year. Positive savings carried forward from previous years allow you to build up a healthy savings balance for a time when you need extra medical cover.

The following items and services are examples of what can be funded from your MSA:                                                

  • Non-PMB GP and specialist consultations and procedures
  • Acute medicine, including Pharmacist Advised Therapy (PAT) medicine
  • Eye care, spectacles, lenses and contact lenses
  • Dental services including orthodontic treatment (after your basic dentistry benefit has been exhausted)
  • Chiropractic services
  • Homeopaths, naturopaths and osteopaths, including medicine
  • Chiropody and podiatry
  • Non-PMB hospital co-payments
  • Co-payments for endoscopies and cataract surgeries in hospital
  • Physiotherapy
  • Audiology
  • Speech and occupational therapy
  • Clinical psychology
  • Dietitian services
  • Orthotists and prosthetists
  • Social worker and other allied healthcare services

Charges above SRR (excluding PMBs), can be considered for payment from your MSA. This is a once-off instruction. Members may request reimbursement for Scheme exclusions (which will be assessed based on clinical appropriateness) or non-PMB chronic medication co-payments, or costs in excess of annual benefits from their available MSA. The Scheme needs to be instructed in every instance. Contact the Scheme on 0860 222 633 or download the form here

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