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The Managed Care Plan offers HIV-positive members and their dependants a confidential management programme, aimed at keeping them well and providing access to increased benefits to help manage their condition more effectively. We encourage you and your dependants to register on the programme, as early detection of HIV infection means that preventive or other forms of treatment can begin immediately. This lengthens and improves quality of life and decreases the chance of complications, which can occur if the condition is unmanaged. It is therefore essential that members know their status and take early preventative care.

Members registered on the HIV/AIDS management programme must follow the agreed treatment plan.

Registration process

Call 0860 222 633 to register on the Scheme's HIV/AIDS management programme.

The consultant who answers your call will guide you through the registration process. Your status will at all times remain confidential.

Once registered on the programme, you will be informed of the procedures to be followed.


Your medicine can be obtained at a Dis-Chem pharmacy or be delivered through Dis-Chem Direct (according to the Scheme Rules).

Please phone Dis-Chem Direct on 010 589 2788 if you have any questions relating to the dispensing of your medication.

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