Eye Care

Eye examinations, lenses, frames, contact lenses
Members of the Managed Care Plan can fund eye examinations, lenses, frames and contact lenses at 100% of cost from their savings account.

As a member of Anglo Medical Scheme, you qualify for discounts on our Administrator’s Optometry Network. Find out more on how you can save.

Cataract surgery
If you require cataract surgery with intra-ocular lens replacement you need to get authorization on 0860 222 633 from the Scheme. If you choose to be admitted to hospital for a cataract procedure, you are liable for a co-payment of R1 000. The Call Centre team can advise you which day clinics you can use to avoid a co-payment. The Scheme pays a Top-Up rate of up to 230% of the Scheme Reimbursement Rate (SRR) for specialist services or in full if PMB. To-take-out-medication can be paid from your savings account unless the facility dispenses from their own pharmacy.

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