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Cancer Treatment

The Managed Care Plan offers you access to an Oncology management programme to assist with the management of cancer. Registration is compulsory.

How to register:

  • As soon as a cancer diagnosis is made, call 0860 222 633 to register on the Oncology management programme
  • A consultant oncologist and a team of in-house medical staff at the Scheme's administrator constantly monitor new and innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer, manage the Oncology management programme and will work with your healthcare provider to ensure appropriate care
  • Applications for chemotherapy are assessed in accordance with recognised treatment protocols. All drug therapies used for the side-effects of chemotherapy and pain relief need to be authorised. Once you have completed your course of chemotherapy, the Scheme will accept the post-chemotherapy or remission treatment plan. Remember to get your oncologist to register a post-treatment plan for you with the Scheme.
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