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Ambulance Services

Anglo Medical Scheme contracts with Netcare 911, our Designated Service Provider (DSP), to provide medical road and air ambulance emergency assistance at no cost to you. If deemed a non-emergency, you will be liable for the full cost. To qualify for this benefit, members of the Managed Care Plan must obtain authorisation by contacting Netcare 911 on 082 911 at the time of a medical emergency.

If you are unable to contact Netcare 911 due to the nature of the emergency, you need to notify Netcare 911 the next working day after the incident. If you do not contact Netcare 911 and voluntarily use a non-DSP, it will result in a 20% co-payment.

Inter-hospital transfer benefits are only available where a patient requires medical intervention in transit, if transferred to another hospital due to unavailability of the appropriate care at the current hospital. There is no cover for transport services to or from a hospital to another medical facility, for treatments or services that are available at the current hospital.

Read more about Netcare 911 Emergency Evacuation.

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