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My Covid-19 vaccination experience

"I received my first shot of Pfizer vaccine today. I was amazed and in admiration at the organization to cope with a flood of wrinklies over 60, including me, at the Discovery HQ in Sandton. Tons of people guiding us through the various stations to check appointments and IDs, and to ensure we waited the minimum time. Lovely people, places to sit, and cheerful signs that said things like 'welcome', 'thanks for coming', 'you're a minute away'; 'you made it!' and 'congratulations'. It was freezing cold that day in Joburg, and I was thrilled by this experience. On the way out, I thought that the Discovery management team excelled. Maybe they should be running the City of Johannesburg! This was fantastic. Well done to Discovery Health. Thank you, AMS - over 50 years with you." - Bette K

Published: July 2021.

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