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2015 Chairman's year-end Message

It is my pleasure to report that the Scheme continues to provide excellent service to its members and that the transition of the administration to Discovery Health has been professionally and successfully managed.

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2016 benefits and contributions

The AMS plans continue to offer value for money well above similar available products in the industry.

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Deadline 31 December for plan changes

When you consider switching plans (for reasons such as a change in income or medical need), you may only do so at the end of the year.

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2016 Benefit and contribution presentation

Your Client Liaison Officer will present the changes for 2016 in November this year. Please diarise and attend these sessions to learn about your 2016 benefits and contributions.

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Update your personal details

No banking details – no refund

We are still missing banking details for 10% of our membership. If you are one of these members, you will receive communication from us in the coming weeks, but you are welcome to contact us beforehand to update your details. Without your banking details we cannot refund you if anything is due to you.

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Tax certificates

Please be on the lookout, your tax certificate will be available shortly. You will receive it either by post or email, depending on your communication preferences.

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Welcome to our new Board of Trustees!

We would like to thank Anglo Medical Scheme members for nominating candidates, those who stood for election and everyone who voted to make the 2015 Trustee Elections a success.

We were delighted to see the extent of member interest and the number of new candidates who made themselves available. To those who did not make it this year, we hope to see you again in 2018.

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2015 Member Trustee elections and Annual General Meeting

Please vote for your candidates now!

Attached to this MediBrief is a ballot with the names of all the nominees, as well as their motivations for standing for election. You may vote for up to six (6) candidates, which is the number of vacant positions on the Board.

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Postal services and your future Scheme communication

There are still a number of members who have only provided the Scheme with a postal address ? in the case of postal service failure we cannot reach you at all.

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2015 Member Trustee elections – nominate candidates now!

Member Trustees serve the Scheme for a period of three years. The current term of office of the member-elected Trustees expires this year and all the Trustees are, according to the Rules of the Scheme, required to voluntarily retire. This means that you have the opportunity (and responsibility) to nominate and vote for the people you think are most suited to fill these positions.

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Pensioner Presentations in November and 2015 Benefits and Contributions

Yet again great value for money for AMS members. While members enjoy enhanced benefits for 2015, contribution increases were kept at only 6,5%. Be informed about the changes for 2015 and attend the year-end sessions in your region.

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Medical tax credit: what it means

Two years ago, the tax treatment of medical scheme contributions changed. Additional tax relief was previously presented as a reduction in taxable income, but it is now applied as a tax credit. This effectively reduces the amount of tax members pay. The medical tax credit system promotes equity across all income groups. Read more on medical tax credits.

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No post ? sign up to receive electronic communication!

Due to the ongoing postal strike in Gauteng we will postpone the distribution of your 2015 Benefit Guide until the situation is stabilised. While you wait for your printed copy to arrive you can access the electronic version of the 2015 AMS Benefit Guide.

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Annual General Meeting 2014

The forty fifth Annual General Meeting will take place on the 21 May 2014 at 10.00 am in Johannesburg. Click here for the notice and proxy form. A commentary on the Annual Financial Statements was provided in the April Medibrief. For the full set of Annual Financial Statements please click here

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Your first 2014 Statement

Due to our change of administrator, you will only receive your first statement in February. Don't worry - the January claims and payments won't get lost. It will all be processed and reflected in the first statement you receive.

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Submit your 2013 claims now

As you know, Momentum is still handling the 2013 claims. However, from January next year, Momentum will start to wind down services for Anglo Medical Scheme. So don't wait, submit your 2013 claims now!

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Benefit Changes for 2014

Good news - we have listened to your feedback and - wherever possible - tried to structure benefits to accommodate your needs. For 2014, we can happily report that your Trustees were able to increase the following benefits:Standard Care Plan: Hospital limi...

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On the way to you in November:

2014 Benefit Guide...Yes, your Benefit Guide will look different, but it's not because of our new administrator. As announced at the AGM, we have redesigned the Benefit Guide to fit our new logo and identity. At the same time, it will be easier to understan...

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We are moving!

As you were informed recently in a separate communication, Anglo Medical Scheme will move its Administration with effect from 1 January 2014 to Discovery Health (Pty) Limited. Your membership, benefits and the Scheme as you know it will NOT change! Som...

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New corporate identity for Anglo Medical Scheme

We launched a new identity for the Anglo Medical Scheme at the Annual General Meeting on 15 May. A corporate identity is the face of an organization - it is the way we are recognized and trusted. Our new identity expresses the key values of Anglo Medica...

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Share your Scheme story in Medibrief

Every day members overcome medical challenges. Are you one of them? Whether a routine check prevented a bigger medical problem or an operation changed your life: share your story with your fellow members. You do not need to display your name or picture but i...

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Annual Financial Statements

The 2012 Annual Financial statements are available for you! A comprehensive overview you will find in the April Medibrief. If you are interested in the full set of financials you can download them here. >> back to al...

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